The NHS Health Check: What Patients Need To Know

The NHS Health Check: What Patients Need To Know

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NHS Health Check Medical Testing

The NHS Health Check

The NHS refer to the NHS Health Check as a “midlife MOT”. While this may not be the most flattering of terms, it isn’t the worse analogy. These UK checks are carried out every five years to help patients keep track of their vascular and circulatory health.

They are provided to adults aged 40 to 74. The aim of these check-ups is simple: to provide appropriate medical testing and offer support on the next step for prevention and cure. Patients with existing vascular conditions … Read More

Social Care Services For Disabled People In The UK

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Services For The Disabled

Social  Services For The Disabled

The government and NHS want to make social care and support services for disabled people as accessible as possible. This means providing a range of options from local councils and other services. The problem is that there are rules and regulations over who qualifies for which grants and what equipment may be offered.

This means that it could take some time, and a few forms before people get an answer on the tools that are available to them. It is important that disabled people and … Read More

Mental Health Services In England And The Right To Choose

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Mental Health

Mental Health Services

Mental health is a tricky subject to talk about in Britain. The NHS has links to some different organizations and mental health care providers, but patients may not be aware of their options. This guide to mental health services will look at the issue of self-referral, the right to choose and the options available.

The UK Mental Health Services Were Eligible For Self-Referral.

Mental Health Therapy

There are two different routes when accessing free mental healthcare in the UK. Some patients in need of help will be referred to specialists … Read More

A Guide To NHS Blood Test Services

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Blood Medical Testing

NHS Blood Test Services

Blood Medical Testing are a simple, everyday procedure that most people will have to go through at some point in their lives. In some cases, GPs may simply refer patients straight to the practice nurse to take a quick sample. Other times they may be asked to come back at a convenient time for more specific testing.

Blood testing is vital for ruling out health problems and checking for underlying symptoms. The procedure itself is usually pretty quick, simple and painless. The nurse will take the … Read More