Work Capability Assessments Medical Testing

How To Prepare For Your Work Capability Assessment For ESA

Medical Testing Work Capability Assessment

The Work Capability Assessment is one of the medical testing services carried out by the Health Assessment Advisory Service. This assessment is mandatory for all disabled claimants filling in the ESA50 form. If you don’t go, the DWP will automatically take it as a sign that you are fit to work and cancel the claim. This is a stressful process for the claimant, so it … Read More

Mental Health Counseling

Appreciating The Needs Of Disabled People In Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services For Disabled People

Mental health services in the UK have been under review for many years as departments figure out how best to treat disabled people.

The problem is that when we say the word treat’, we don’t always mean medical provisions and medication.

There is also a profound problem with the way that these patients are dealt with.

Feedback from patients about facilities and providers have … Read More

NHS Low Income Scheme Medical Testing

Understanding The Rules And Codes Of The NHS Low Income Scheme

NHS Rules For Low Income Scheme

The NHS is celebrated for being one of the more accessible health services in the world.

This is partly down to the NHS low-income Scheme (LIS).

This scheme offers financial support for test services and medical testing including dental, eye care, travel costs, wigs, and prescriptions.

The application and certification process for low-income support can be a confusing and daunting. This applies especially to … Read More

Action Plans For Mental Health

Creating Heath Action Plans For The Mentally Disabled

Mental Health Action Plans For The Mentally Disabled

The accessibility of health services in the UK for the mentally challenged is a problem that the government is keen to address.

The problem is that patient concerns go beyond that, and it can be difficult for patients to focus on the right direction for their healthcare needs.

There are also concerns over the attitudes of staff, as some feel that they … Read More

STD Medical Testing

How To Access Free, Confidential STD Testing In The UK

Medical Testing Of  STD

Accessibility to UK medical testing is important for all low-income groups and vulnerable users.

This is particularly the case for a subject as complicated and severe as sexual health.

It is important that every sexually active individual receives frequent STD testing and guidance, especially if they suspect there is a problem. The unchecked disease can be damaging and infectious.

Thankfully, UK services are here to offer … Read More

Mental Health Drug addiction

How New Drug Addiction Services Are Helping UK Addicts And Society

Services Helping Drug Addicts And Their Mental Health

Investment in drug addiction treatment is a topic that ruffles a few feathers in UK society.

Some see the need for valuable addition programs and rehabilitation centers, while other sees them as a waste of money and would rather hair drug test every addict to screen them for any kind of government benefit.

Some drug addicts are either viewed as patients with … Read More

Services For The Disabled

Social Care Services For Disabled People In The UK

Social  Services For The Disabled

The government and NHS want to make social care and support services for disabled people as accessible as possible. This means providing a range of options from local councils and other services. The problem is that there are rules and regulations over who qualifies for which grants and what equipment may be offered.

This means that it could take some time, and a few forms … Read More

Mental Health

Mental Health Services In England And The Right To Choose

Mental Health Services

Mental health is a tricky subject to talk about in Britain. The NHS has links to some different organizations and mental health care providers, but patients may not be aware of their options. This guide to mental health services will look at the issue of self-referral, the right to choose and the options available.

The UK Mental Health Services Were Eligible For Self-Referral.

Mental Health Therapy

There are two different … Read More